Shravan Tirth Darshan Yojana Gujarat | શ્રવણ તીર્થ દર્શન યોજના ગુજરાત

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શ્રવણ તીર્થ દર્શન યોજના ગુજરાત

The scheme has been launched by the state government for the elderly who wish to go on a pilgrimage. The scheme is specifically for senior citizens of the state irrespective of community, caste and gender. To avail the benefits of this scheme, one should be a senior citizen of Gujarat irrespective of his community. With the help of Gujarat Shravan Tirthdarshan Yojana, senior citizens can now cover all the popular religious places in the state through the subsidy given by the government. Under the scheme, the state government will pay 50% of the travel cost by non-AC state transport bus within the state. Subsidy will be given only for pilgrimage within Gujarat. This scheme is not applicable for places outside Gujarat.

શ્રવણ તીર્થ દર્શન યોજના

જરૂરી ડોક્યુમેન્ટ

  • મતદાર આઈડી કાર્ડ
  • આધાર કાર્ડ
  • રેશન કાર્ડ
  • ગાડી ચલાવવાની પરવાનગી
  • પાસપોર્ટ સાઈઝ ફોટો
  • રહેઠાણનું પ્રમાણપત્ર (ઉપયોગિતા બીલ, વગેરે)


Resident Of the Gujarat – You will have to be a resident of Gujarat to get the benefits of this scheme. Residents of any other state other than Gujarat are not eligible to take part in this scheme.

Age Limit – Since this scheme is for the senior citizens, you will have to have attained at least 60 years of age to avail the benefits of this scheme. Even 60 year olds can apply.

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Oher Details

Subsidy– The subsidy is given for all non-ac travel costs by buses. This means that if you are traveling via non-ac buses, then you will get 50% of your travel costs covered under this scheme. However, if you are traveling to a different state, then you will not get the benefit. You have to do the Tirth yatra within the state to get this subsidy.

Secular – The senior citizens from all sects and communities shall get this benefit. This means that if you are traveling for pilgrimage purposes then you will get the subsidy irrespective of your caste or creed. But you must travel only within Gujarat.

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Travel Plan – Also remember, that before applying you will have to make a travel plan of 2 nights and 3 days. You will have to come together with a group of senior citizens traveling along with you. You will have to fill out the details of the travel plan on the registration form.

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Shravan Tirth Darshan Yojana Gujarat

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