Palm Sunday Kya Hai: पाल्म सन्डे क्या है

One of the main festivals of the followers of Christianity was celebrated on Palm Sunday i.e. Date Sunday.

This day is celebrated by the Christian community as the triumphant entry of Lord Jesus into Jerusalem.

This time Palm Sunday was celebrated on 28 March.
The Holy Bible says that when the Lord Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, a large number of people gathered to welcome him, waving palm branches in their hands. People had warmly welcomed the teachings and miracles of Lord Jesus. This thing is said to be about two thousand years ago. Palm Sunday is celebrated in memory of that day.

It is also celebrated as the beginning of Holy Week. It ends with Easter. Palm Sunday is celebrated prominently in South India. It is also called Passion Sunday.

Special events are held in churches on this occasion. There will also be Bible lessons, sermons, and events organized. Along with a special event, a special running ceremony will be taken out in the evening. Christian societies welcome this day by singing songs in the joy of the arrival of the Lord on Palm Sunday. They will sing songs in the joy of the coming of the Lord with palm branches in their hands. The process of worship and devotion to the Lord, which started in the churches from Sunday, will continue till Easter.
Special prayers will be held in Christian temples.

In this, the life of the Lord will be depicted by decorating the tableau.