Khedut Akasmat Bima Sahai Yojana Form, Eligibility and Amount of Assistance

The Government of Gujarat implemented the Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme from 26th January, 1996 to provide coverage to registered farmers only in case of accidental death or permanent disability. The scheme is 100% government sponsored. During this scheme premium is paid by the government for all the farmers. This scheme has been implemented by the Directorate of Insurance, Gandhinagar from 01/04/08 under Gujarat Community Group-Janata Accident Insurance Scheme.

Khedut Akasamat Insurance Scheme

The main objective of the scheme is to assist the successor of the registered farmer, all children (son/daughter) of the registered farmer and spouse of the registered farmer in case of death or disability due to accident.

Who can get the benefits of Khedut Akasamat Bima Yojana?

In case of accidental death or permanent disability, all registered farmers, any child (son/daughter) of the farmer and husband/wife of the farmer aged 5 to 70 years are beneficiaries of the scheme.

Kheedut Akasamat Bima Yojana Main Terms

  • The deceased or permanently disabled person should be a registered farmer (holding land in individual or joint name) or a child (son or daughter) or spouse of a registered farmer.
  • Death or permanent disability must be due to accident
  • The scheme does not cover suicide or natural death.
  • A deceased or permanently disabled person aged 5 to 70 years.
  • The application has to be submitted to the office of the concerned District Agriculture Officer within 150 days

How to get benefit

In case of accidental death, the applicant will be the successor of the accidental farmer and in case of accidental disability, the applicant will be the disabled person himself. The applicant should submit the application along with the relevant papers in the prescribed format to the concerned District Agricultural Officer, District Panchayat within 150 days from the date of death or accidental disability. Applications received after 150 days will not be considered eligible.

Revised rate of assistance under Khedut Akasamat Yojana

  • As per revised resolution of Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation dated 13/11/2018, the assistance to the beneficiary is revised as follows.
  • In case of accidental death or permanent disability 100% assistance of Rs. 2.00 lakhs
  • In case of accidental loss of two eyes/two limbs/arm and leg/one eye and one arm or leg 100% assistance of Rs. 2.00 lakh (in case of 100% complete loss of sight in case of eye, in case of loss of upper part of arm and in case of complete amputation of leg above knee)
  • In case of accidental loss of an eye or a limb Rs. 50% assistance. 1.00 lakh
  • Sequence of beneficiaries under the scheme in chronological order
  • Spouse: In his absence
  • Children Son/Daughter: In their absence
  • Parent Father/Mother : In their absence
  • Grandson/Granddaughter: I, II, in absence of II
  • Unmarried / widowed / expatriate sister who is a dependent and lives with the beneficiary
  • Any heir declared under the Succession Act to the beneficiary involved in cases other than the above cases and the case in dispute

List of Documents Attached to Claim Application

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